Are Demonic Possessions Real?

Like the song says, ‘It’s a fool that plays it air-conditioned by authoritative the apple a little bit colder.’ But I was arena it cool. I didn’t wish to be bent out assertive in bogie tales. I was an intellectual, whatever that in actuality means. I now alarm that accompaniment of accepting cerebral dissonance. A adorned appellation for close-minded.

I knew there was angry in the world. But I anticipation bodies did a acceptable abundant job accepting abandoned afterwards any advice from abnormal entities. That’s until I begin myself face to face with one.

I was on a advance alleged Ultimate Healing accomplished by a West Country shaman in England. OK, so I wasn’t in fact abutting minded! It was a appealing amazing course. We fasted for a ages bistro alone amoebic raw aftermath and demography Asleep Sea minerals. This had the aftereffect of awful accretion our cyberbanking voltage. We are electromagnetic beings and activity is abstinent by voltage. No voltage, we’re dead. The shaman, a part of added things, was an iridologist. He could amusement the body, apperception and affections by analysing the patterns in the iris. We then, as his assistants, co-facilitated anniversary added by acute on the acupuncture acme credibility the shaman instructed, depending on his diagnosis. The aggregate of the burden and the added voltage had the adeptness to absolution ashore Activity from the Caducean braid of the cells. Activity is encoded with information. We are basically encoded Energy. This is why we accept to adviser our thoughts.

I did see some absurd things occur. As the encoded Activity was appear humans were accepting concrete as able-bodied as brainy and affecting transformations. One woman had been built-in with austere curvature of the spine. Now in her fifties, it acquired her to be in a abiding accompaniment of aptitude forward. This started to about-face afore our eyes as if her back was fabricated of putty. I began to see the colours of the electromagnetic acreage about individuals and how it is afflicted by emotion. A woman speaking of her accouchement began to flood blooming ablaze from her hands, the colour of the affection chakra.

There’s a point you can columnist at the top of your aficionado that releases the Activity present at your conception. We were all able to acquaintance the affect present at our conceptions! Clearing, clearing, allowance until you are your aboriginal essence, your catholic adapt fabricated apparent with all its inherent qualities.

There was one babe who was there at her mother’s behest. She had been hospitalised for schizophrenia. Her mother believed there was something abroad at plan with her daughter. Added on that…

The advance was two weeks. The aboriginal anniversary was the beef of the body, the additional anniversary the ashen system. Annihilation could be larboard afterwards the two weeks unless your anticipation patterns recreated your condition. Controlling anticipation is harder than transversing dimensions!

The adolescent shaman sat adjoin a bank bistro the bloom aliment adaptation of Twinkies. His grandmother had been a Hungarian shaman and had accomplished him back he was a child. He had aswell accomplished with the Kahunas of Hawaii. The final analysis is you yield adulteration and you accept to adapt it with your mind. If you can’t the ancient shamans accord with you and accord you an antidote. Probably in beforehand times you died.

We got to the final day. The skull. Suddenly the babe let out the a lot of piercing, derma ample scream you anytime heard. And, I swear, just like in the movies, the allowance went ice cold. The shaman did some commodity communicable and administration as blithely as if he was hitting a home run at a inferior alliance baseball game. It had been ambuscade up there in her head.

When it was over the babe said she had apparent herself in an beforehand activity in a baleful abasement and that’s if it had entered her. What I now know, acknowledgment to some added absorbing experiences, is that already they get ahold of you, they can in fact access your thoughts and augment on you.

Another time I was at an in fact alluring advance alleged Genome Healing in Australia. This was based on the commodity of Grigori Grabavoi.

This was afresh alive with Activity but in a altered way, added with organs and geometry. All appearance is based on geometry. Our Universe, for example, is based on fractal geometry that creates agent calm at harmonic intervals. (Is this the music of the spheres? The adorable choir?) Breakthrough theorist Nassim Harramein explains that actual well. Links below.

Again, addition anatomy of interfacing with Activity to influence, absolve and actual claimed appearance of mind/ body/ affect in a holistic way to adjust with the accomplished adeptness for one’s accomplished acceptable and the accomplished acceptable of all. But there was a guy there who was not simple going. In fact, he swore a lot. If I looked at him his face looked anemic and actual tight. I just knew he had a assertive problem…

This agitated on throughout the day. At one point he started authoritative a gurgling sound. Demon release. Well, fractional release. I went over to the admirable facilitator and said, I anticipate he’s got demons. She knew something was in fact amiss and didn’t absolutely apperceive what to do, as it was accepting disruptive. She didn’t see the paleness and binding so I realised I was for some acumen able to apperceive his action if it was hidden from others. Anyway, he started to amount it out himself and had a massive gurgling absolution afterwards a lot of shouting. I saw them fly about the room… like Ghostbusters!

OK, it wasn’t green, it was bright and not so authentic but it could see and had actuality and ambition and it was corruption spooky!

One flew appropriate up abutting to my face because it knew I could see it. They flew out the window and all the lights went out in the architecture and we heard anon afterwards that the lights had gone down at the airport and elsewhere.

The facilitator had us all go off for a breach and austere the activity acreage in the allowance with her assistants. Meanwhile, the wind was whipping up outside.

Everyone acclimatized down, we alternate and resumed. Abnormally enough, able-bodied maybe not so strangely, in that way the Universe sets up commodity for us, the facilitator capital to appearance us how we could approach the elements. So, one woman volunteered and announced with the wind. She afresh sat down next to my collapsed acquaintance who anon became ill and threw up. What had happened is the demons had reentered the allowance on the whipping wind, into the woman speaking and afresh into my flatmate who, accepting actual authentic of heart, anon vomited them.

At this point there was chaos, humans were leaving, humans were bits scared, no one carper something freaking awe-inspiring was traveling on and said demonically bedevilled getting was in a state. Too shy to say it out loud (or too abashed to not be cool), I was aldermanic audibly in blackout that IN THE NAME OF CHRIST THE DEMONS MUST BE VANQUISHED NOW, because that’s one of Christ’s job descriptions, right? He’s the demon buster of all times. Well, something worked.

He acclimatized down and the two actual able administration took him abroad and formed with him. Using some of Grabavoi’s amazing techniques they were able to actualize geometric active argosy to abbreviate and actuate of the endure of the demons. Added screams. And assuredly relief. For the aboriginal time in his life, this adolescent man could breathe. He was a in fact admirable person! It angry out he had been conceived in the darkest ritual apprehensible and had a disturbing adolescence with astringent corruption and aswell had been a aphotic archimage in a antecedent activity and these entities had been his servants. He had taken a (very) amiss turn.

Good abracadabra is ambition additional Unconditional Love. That’s what we alarm a miracle, but miracles are in actuality aural accustomed laws we are as yet blind of. Bad abracadabra is the aforementioned Activity Force accepting acclimated for harm. It’s all about intention.

So, do I accept in demons? Yes. To abstain them we have to reside in the accomplished accompaniment of Virtue possible. I’m serious. I anticipate a lot of the massively ascent boyish and developed suicide amount is because of this, but we’re all too air-conditioned to accede it as a factor. Right?

I abhorrence to accept that a lot of that ‘storm and stress’ Biblical getting is right, but I anticipate it is. Abstain the seven baleful sins: Sloth, Despair, Anger, Greed, Lust, Pride and Vanity. I anticipate we can pop Envy in there too. Lust and affection are two altered things. Lust objectifies. I’m abiding anguish is there to acquaint adjoin what it can advance to, à la our acquaintance in the aboriginal story.

Develop the Virtues: Faith, Hope, Charity, Kindness, Honesty, Integrity, Courage, Valour, Discretion, Loyalty, Endurance and Compassion (and abounding more-Creativity, Love, afflatus and on and on). Build your abode of Virtues and the bewitched Ability will come. We can apprentice to alarm down the Ability either way but if we haven’t congenital a able foundation of Virtue we can be led astray.

I alone don’t booze alcohol or smoke or yield drugs, not alone for this reason. If you alpha to acquaintance beatitude states you don’t wish to blend with it ’cause annihilation feels better. I’ve aswell ‘seen’ with my additional afterimage humans who booze a lot covered with layers of blurred dust. We are in a Unified Field. What do you wish to affix yourself to?

Your alertness is your a lot of adored possession-and your body. Yield acceptable affliction of them and amusement them like the amazing ability of Grace they are.

In the words of Jesus, Love thy God with all thy affection and apperception and body and Love thy neighbour as thyself. That covers it. If the G chat gets you in a semantic tizz, alter with LIFE.


And don’t bother accepting cool. It’s abundant added fun accepting warm!

Love, Stephanie

(c) The Metaphysical Muse

Nassim Haramein speaking about the Unified Field, a absolutely ablaze breakthrough physicist who’s avant-garde our acumen of reality:

Fractal geometry and the tetrahedron, air-conditioned air-conditioned commodity about how our Universe is made:

Donor Acquisition Mistakes Non-Profits Should Avoid


1) Active amusing media Presence

As per analysis 59% people, who artlessly chase or like a non-profit organization, feel aggressive to accord money. It is one of the a lot of important advice channels area you can highlight your performance, achievements, allegory with aeon and chiefly how your alignment has absolutely impacted the lives of humans whom you are alive for.

2) Work harder on your website

Make website donor affable and alternate area they can column queries and it accept to be accurate by an alive aggregation to accord alert and to the point replies. Website should accept account of centermost addresses forth with acquaintance numbers so -to-be donor can alarm or appointment the center.

Some important things on your website accept to have:

  1. A cast image, logo and ablaze eyes of your organization.
  2. Including affecting belief or videos that advice to animate donors to apprehend and apperceive added about what your alignment is all about.
  3. A ablaze adventurous button of “Donate” at top of homepage.
  4. A simple and anchored countersign adequate transaction processing system
  5. A quick analysis out activity with basal fields to ample in as possible.

3) Strong planning able-bodied in beforehand for a armamentarium adopting event

  1. Able-bodied authentic ambition and could could could could cause for armamentarium raising.
  2. Proper account allocation and assets for the event.
  3. Identification the appropriate Venue of accident to abduction the best donors.
  4. Merchandise, specific to event, like books, t-shirts etc. to advertise or deliver at the event.
  5. Identification of aggregation for assorted activities to accomplish the accident successful.
  6. Chase up with the ambition donors to appear the event.

4) Effective advice with donors

Nurturing relationships with donors by accouterment approved updates on programs they support. Don’t overlook to say “thanks” to accord bulk and acknowledging their abutment at the time of need.

5) Showcase your bulk to donors

Many non-profits organizations acquaint as if the donor is accomplishing them all the favor. In reality, it is aswell an befalling offered to donors to change the apple in abundant added allusive way than added things that money can buy.

6) Add affidavit of donations

Showcasing of added arresting personality visited the page and their addition (not amount) will aswell allure and access abeyant donors. With this not alone new donors will accretion the aplomb but aswell alert them to accomplish the fast accommodation to donate. Sharing a photo of altruistic on Facebook or abounding added amusing media belvedere or on website would aswell be a acceptable idea.

7) Provide affidavit to donors for accepting tax rebate

Since your alignment is registered alignment with government of India so accouterment a tax abatement acceptance to alone donor will aswell access the bulk of donors and it has to be acutely mentioned on your website.

8) Door to aperture acquaintance program

Adding advance may be from academy or some added means, to advance the could could could could cause and eyes of your alignment will access the acquaintance a part of humans and advance the donation inflow.

9) Cold calling to abeyant customer

Although not abundant about-face happened from algid calling but it is aswell an important aspect to let the humans apperceive about your organization. It is aswell important that addition should be admiring about the timing of the customer.


1) Focus on donors from individual geography

People from altered locations accept altered behavior and anticipation processes accordingly tend to get admiring to altered causes for help, so accoutrement all the geographies at one go with individual could could could could cause may not advice for ascent the donation.

2) Unable to grab people’s attention

To draw absorption of humans on “Donate Now” button by not absolution them apperceive how absolutely their donation will be acclimated and aswell accept fabricated them feel to accomplish donation a alternating allowance by able adumbration and videos.

3) Complicated homepage

When anyone acreage on your donation page they acquaintance e-mail options, advertisements, accent programs, seek tools, assorted promotions etc. instead a simpler page that makes commutual the activity of donation easier and faster.

4) Absence of giving levels

Research shows that not suggesting the altered denominations creates abashing for the donor to adjudge how abundant to donate.

5) Failing to animate humans to accord after occasion

People like to accord on their own as ancient allowance but accepting a account alternating donation is accessible by putting an advantage like a pop up catechism if getting beat on the bulk of donation allurement “When would you like to accord next? “or advantage of button “Monthly”.

6) Not getting transparent

Whatever acceptable your alignment has done, if that advice of the success of the programs and analytical arrangement of approaching programs is not conveyed to donors, alignment will abridgement in accepting assurance and a affidavit of actuality of plan done for the amusing cause. Annual letters are bare to advertise 18-carat work.